Useful to know

Useful to know

Measuring bracelet size

The bracelets do not have an extra extender so use a flexible tape measure to measure the wrist just above the knob toward the fingers and add at least (depending on how tight or loose you want the bracelet) 1-2 inches. Or measure out a bracelet that already wears nicely. If you would like a more specific size please let us know through comments.

XS / S: ± 17 cm
S / M: ± 18 cm
M / L: ± 19 cm
L / XL: ± 20 cm
XL / XXL: ± 21 cm

How to take care

The bracelets are of good quality and do not discolor but to ensure that you can enjoy your purchase for as long as possible, it is best not to swim with it due to chlorine and / or sea salt and not to exercise intensively.


Gold filled
Gold filled is a high-quality product that is built from multiple layers of gold on a base material of copper or brass. Therefore, it is also not comparable to the widely used gold plated which is gold plated with 1 layer and loses its color faster. Also, gold filled is ideal for people who have allergic reactions to metals other than gold.

Gemstones & glass beads
There may be slight differences in shape and color between the glass beads and gemstones.

The colors in the photo may differ slightly from the colors in real life but I did my best to represent them as best as possible. In real life the colors are always prettier in this case.😉

Gold-tone stainless steel
The finish on the eyeglass and phone cords is gold-tone stainless steel.

Delivery time

I do not work from a stock and make everything to order. The delivery time therefore depends on the size of the order and/or whether the materials are in stock. La Lana rocks strives to ship within 3 days of order/order. Should this not succeed, you will receive a message about this.